Building Performance Assessment

Reduce building operating costs

Building performance assessment program


As a building owner or manager, you are driven by rising utility costs, quality service demands, and rapidly developing

technologies. We perform a comprehensive survey and thorough building assessment, providing a unique approach
to preventive maintenance.

Utilizing Ruthrauff Energy Services portable wireless system for assessing building performance, we can provide
you with professional, detailed reports that document opportunities for you to save money and improve tenant comfort.


Building Performance Assessment Benefits

Cost control
Through documentation, reporting, and historical data, we’ll identify ways for you to cut maintenance costs and avoid unnecessary spending.

Increase comfort
Your people are your most important asset. We’ll help you to minimize complaints and improve comfort by reporting on set-points and documenting the complete tasking of maintenance.

Utility & energy savings
Through documenting temp, lighting and ventilation controls and through benchmarking, we will identify savings opportunities, including no-cost/low-cost options.

Better planning
Take the guesswork out of your planning with documented justification for improvements, including repairs, retrofit, and replacements for your HVAC systems.

Peace of mind
You can be assured that there is a critical awareness of systems operation.


  • 85% of buildings are over-ventilated.

  • Controls that are malfunctioning or not calibrated can increase energy demand by 20%.

  • Dirty heat transfer surfaces can increase energy usage by as much as 30%.


What is MSCA GreenStar?

img_benchmarking_headerMSCA GreenStar is a designation given to MSCA STAR companies who have shown an exceptional commitment to sustainable mechanical service and are recognized as leaders in the green movement within the HVAC industry.

A MSCA GreenStar contractor:

Promotes sustainability throughout our entire organization, from employee training and education to the products and services we offer our customers.
Possesses the skills and expertise necessary to deliver energy-efficient and cost-effective indoor environmental solutions.
Fulfills our customers needs and ensures tenant satisfaction by implementing Sustainable mechanical service practices.
Understands the latest in HVAC green technologies, including equipment upgrade and energy-efficient issues.


“Just a couple of years ago, rent appreciation had a major impact on asset values. Operating costs were not at the top of a building owner’s priority list. Today, as rent growth has slowed, reducing operating costs can have a significant impact on the value of a building. Energy efficiency has now become a priority.” -Mark Fitkin, Managing Director, CB Richard Ellis

Action Plan

Getting started is simple and the solution to helping you get the best performance out of your building is straightforward. Typically, the process would include:

  • Initial meeting with an Ruthrauff Energy Services Consultant
  • Equipment survey
  • Building performance assessment with our wireless monitoring system
  • Preliminary recommendations
  • Program recommendation
  • Implementation schedule
  • Performance review