Energy Benchmarking

Identify Your Biggest Energy Wasters

Energy benchmarking program for buildings


img_energy_benchmarking_2Do you know how your building stacks up? If you own multiple buildings, where are your best opportunities
for savings? Our benchmarking service is an efficient, cost-effective means to identify the energy hogs. It’s
the first step down the path to increased profitability and asset value through lower operating cost.


Benchmarking Program Benefits

Calculate the aggregate value of your energy waste

You first need to know if the problem is large enough to warrant attention. Our experience, as well as national statistics, indicate that it is. But, benchmarking will quantify the value of the problem for your building(s).

Know where to attack

How can you begin an energy reduction program without knowing where to start? Once we identify your lowest performers, you’ll know where to focus attention.

Take steps to earn ENERGY STAR certification

A nationally recognized mark of excellence in building performance, the ENERGY STAR label will increase the value of your building.